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The University Club of Phoenix has maintained the elegance of a vintage home from the 1920s. The facility was a private residence before it was converted to serve as its current purpose. The University Club blends effortlessly into the historic district in which it resides, while still meeting the dynamic needs of our members and guests.

Open Hours

Monday – Friday

  • Main Dining Room
  • Breakfast: 7:00am-9:00am
  • Lunch: 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Dinner: By Special Request


  • Main Dining Room: Closed
  • Special Events: Open

The club’s prime location is strategic and has thus seen many visitors coming through the door. It has been a host to thousands of members and guests for over 50 years and has continued to provide a first class experience to all. From the gorgeous Main Dining Room to the fabulous Garden Area, there is an adaptable space for all members and guests. The club works towards ensuring that the expectations of all those who visit are exceeded, and only the best is provided.

The personnel at the University Club of Phoenix are some of the best trained in the hospitality industry and as such offer their modest services confidently. We ensure that our members and guests get nothing but the best form of treatment. We go to great lengths to ensure our members are satisfied and thus are more likely to return.

University Club is a blend of the past and present with elegance and charm. Our venue is a mixture of beauty and convenience for a myriad of catered events and special private functions. The club is open for various meetings including luncheon programs, weddings, private dinners, breakfast meetings, holiday parties, fundraisers and even seminars.

Mission Statement

The Purpose of the University Club shall be (a) to attract members who contribute to the growth and vitality of our community; (b) to provide dining facilities and permanent premises for social networking among its members; and (c) to encourage educational, business and cultural activities through the use of the Club’s facilities by members and non-members for meetings and forums.

University Club of Phoenix Foundation

In alignment with our mission statement, the University Club Foundation provides a scholarship program for young artists. This scholarship program is geared towards encouraging the artists to pursue art education. As well, it provides a showcase for the artists’ work to further their career.

This Old House

We are putting together a book about the history of the University Club of Phoenix. Should you have any old photos, articles or fond memories, please forward them to us. We want to preserve the Club’s rich heritage. Contact us by either calling Kristal Leeder at 602-254-5408, Fax: 602-254-6186 or email: office@uclubphx.com