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The Club

Founded by Chet Goldberg Jr. In 1965, the University Club of Phoenix is the epitome of elegance and class. It embodies the rich, colorful history of the Phoenix area, and started out in newly renovated quarters found at the Westward Ho hotel in September 1966. The facility remained in Westward up until 1970 when the current facility was bought.

The purchase of the University Club of Phoenix was made possible when nineteen members came together to facilitate its purchase. We highly appreciate and value the commitment of these individuals in making the University Club of Phoenix possible. Some of these members include:

  • Robert Bluemle
  • Doug Boyd
  • John Croyle
  • Lyman Davidson
  • Chet Goldberg
  • John Haldiman
  • Dick Arnold
  • Tedd Pickett
  • Rox Stewart
  • Dave West

The University Club of Phoenix has continued to grow and nurture its long standing tradition and reputation for providing an ambiance of elegance, attentive services, and fine food in a myriad of cuisines.

The distinctive features we offer attract our members and guests, and continues to draw them back again and again. Our uniqueness and exceptional services you will find here have colluded to make the Club one of the most integral components of the social circles and businesses in the greater Phoenix area.

Members and guests of the University Club of Phoenix can enjoy an array of dining atmospheres, from formal meals in the Main Dining Room, to casual nights under the Portofino lights. As well, you will find culturally rich rooms for private meetings and dining experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the valley.


This facility had once served as a private residence before it was purchased giving an authentic, historically rich and warm sophistication that makes our members feel at home. It has, over the years, maintained the stylishness of the 1917 vintage home yet provides the modern day necessities to function in an even more enjoyable fashion. A distinct feature the University Club of Phoenix has always been gifted with is the ability to adapt to the ever dynamic needs and expectations for our members and guests. The original living room will offer you a warm entryway to the club’s private and main dining areas. The stylish French doors lead to a lushly landscaped backyard and tiled patio. The environment there is of unmatched ambiance which provides a suitable amenity for conducting business, as well as an inviting setting for special events and occasions.

The delectable cuisines have always been the club’s signature, alongside the sophisticated and efficient services offered by our staff members. Again, we have an unmatched commitment to excellence which has been nurtured for over fifty years of dedication and hard work. All our members and guests talk well of our food and services, and that has only worked to help build us up to an even larger reputable establishment. The food you will find here is undoubtedly outstanding and prepared especially for your occasion. The chefs are some of the best in the industry at offering menu items for a plethora of tastes and events.

University Club of Phoenix is a convenient setting for a wide range of catered events and special private functions. We work in close collaboration to ensure every event is a success. We have an unblemished reputation and pride ourselves on providing a quality experience culminated with fine dining. Find out more by contacting us today for more information on what we provide.