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Membership Programs

All prospective members of the University Club of Phoenix must have a degree from a credited institution i.e. a four-year college or university. However, there may be approval of a member by special resolution by the board of directors. The various membership programs include:

Resident members

The monthly dues of resident members who shall enter the armed forces and work outside the state of Arizona will be waived. The waiver will start from the month that will be succeeding the departure date till the date of return.

  • Initiation: $200.00
  • Monthly Dues 100.00
  • Monthly Capital Improvement 25.00

Non-Resident Membership

This membership will be permitted to nonresident members if they live outside of Maricopa County.

  • Initiation: $200.00
  • Monthly Dues 48.00
  • Monthly Capital Improvement 25.00

Young Professional Membership

This membership will be available for the individuals who are under 40 years.

  • Initiation: $100.00
  • Monthly Dues 30.00
  • Monthly Capital Improvement 25.00

Corporate Membership

A Corporate Membership is for corporate lease headquarters or other “umbrella” organization who want to offer memberships to their tenants or constituents.

  • Initiation $500
  • Monthly Dues (3-9 Members) $78
  • Monthly Dues (10-50 Members) $25
  • Monthly Dues (51+ Members) $10
  • Monthly Capital Improvement $25